Fruits And Dry Fruits

Almonds(Half Kg)

Half Kg Almonds Nicely Packed in Basket ..

Rs.899.00 Ex Tax: Rs.899.00

Cashew(Half Kg)

Half Kg Cashew Nicely Decorated In Basket..

Rs.749.00 Ex Tax: Rs.749.00

Dry Fruits(Half Kg)

Assorted Half Kg Dry Fruits Contains Cashew ,Raisins,Pista, Almonds In Designer Box ..

Rs.949.00 Ex Tax: Rs.949.00

Dry Fruits(One Kg)

Assorted One Kg Dry Fruits Basket Contains Raisin ,Cashew, Pista ,Almond ..

Rs.1,699.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,699.00

Fruit basket(2kg)

2 Kg Mix Fruit Basket ..

Rs.799.00 Ex Tax: Rs.799.00

Fruit Basket(4kg)

4 Kg  Fresh Fruit Basket  ..

Rs.1,599.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,599.00

Fruit Basket(8 Kg)

Mix Fruit Basket 8kg Contains Different Type Of Seasonal Fruit In Decorated BasketNote:- The Design ..

Rs.2,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,999.00

Fruits Basket(6kg)

6 Kg Fresh Fruits Basket Note:-  Basket Shape May be change as per local avaiability..

Rs.1,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,199.00

Pista(Half Kg)

Half Kg Pasta In BasketNotes:- Basket Shape May Change as Per Local avaibility..

Rs.1,399.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,399.00

Wallnut Cake

Wallnut cake in the flavor of chocolate Truffle(Half Kg)..

Rs.849.00 Ex Tax: Rs.849.00

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